Wednesday, November 24, 2010

3rd Supply Base (Red Team)

Ever wonder how the glitcher did it ? Wanna know the tricks but hardly get help from other or youtube is not provide any details. Well you came to the right place ! I have made a video explain everything in detail hopefully you get better understand on what is going on. Ok cut to the chase, lets get what started !
First all you need the latest FRAPS to do the trick ! go download at FRAPS

Once downloaded Fraps, you need to do some changes in the setting. 3 things you need to set.
STEP 1: Go to the Movies tab and set Video Capture Hotkey to "F" (your desire setting).
STEP 2: Video Capture Settings set to "10"fps and click the checkbox Full-size.
STEP 3: Lock framerates click the checkbox ! and that is it !

-Now lets get in the video tutorial-

When you in the box you should take care for not over expose youself. (Crouch as much as possible)
Best choice of weapon to use are those high damage rifle/sniper.
Activate only when you need to glitch or else you lag all the way (no worry it will automatically stop by itself).
Once fraps is activated you able to climb those higher box as well.
The trick does not guarantee to win.